Do you believe that you have experienced evidence of paranormal ctivity in your home, a relative’s home, a friends home, or other places? Are these events too unusual or compelling to easily ignore? Do you suspect something is happening that science cannot explain?

Science only scratches the surface in explaining the energy present in the universe, and at Earthbound Spirit Hunters we have the tools and experience to help you solve your mystery.

What exactly is an Earthbound Spirit?

Before you can understand what an entity consists of you need to understand a bit about the human body of the living person. Everything you do, see, hear, taste, feel, etc. Is controlled by electrical impulses sent to your brain from your body’s different parts or from your brain to your different body parts.

For example… right now you are reading this webpage, an electrical impulse is going from your eyes to your brain carrying the information your eyes are seeing. As you scroll down this page your brain is sending electrical impulses to your hand to move your mouse, etc…

When a person dies their individual systems shut down independently, your kidneys fail, then your respitory system shuts down, then your heart stops beating and finally your brain stops functioning. Since all these systems are controlled by electrical impulses the electricity has to go somewhere. It is a general law of physics that energy can not be destroyed, so where does the energy go when your body shuts down? It is released into the atmosphere!

When a person dies a slow or natural death the energy is released more slowly and in a less concentrated state than if a person were to die a sudden or violent death.

Certain locations may be more likely to have a ghost than others due to electromagnetic fields trapping the energy that is released at time of death.

One of the tools we use for paranormal research is an EMF meter. These meters are designed to measure changes in electromagnetic energy. Many times while investigating a haunting we have discovered very high levels of electromagnetic energy present.

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About the founders

IMG_20971Vallie Rojas (Founder)

As a smaill child I had my first paranormal experience when I saw my Grandfather who had been deceased before I was born. My parents tried to convince me it was my imagination until I was able to describe my Grandfather to them. At this time, I did not realize that my parents were concerned of what I had experienced, so we never discussed it again. We moved years later in a hundred year old home my father started renovating, needless to say, this place I called home was indeed “HAUNTED”. The previous owner’s funeral wreath and old plastic flowers were left downstairs in the basement. In those days they laid there loved one’s in the parlor for viewing. As I grew older, I was aware of paranormal events that were happening to me. When I moved to Texas, I had always felt certain feelings about things that were going to happen, but did not know till later, that I had a gift, and I needed to develop it more. Therefore I knew I needed to put all my energy in Ghost Hunting so I could find the answers to:




IMG_1167Peggy Gregory Thornton (Co-Founder)

I am a gifted ghost hunter, who has seen, experienced, and felt paranormal activity ever since I was a small child. I was taught to ignore this phenomenon. However as an adult I can no longer ignore this powerful gift. Two years ago my sister Val and I decided to form a group using only people that are gifted as well… We are Earthbound Spirit Hunters…. We have dedicated our time seeking spirits in hopes to learn from them what we can and try to help them cross over…. They say if you are very fortunate if you see 1 apparition in your lifetime. I have seen 2 and this is just a beginning…. Our gifts has been handed down from generation to generation.